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Sierra Green

Losing our healthcare in the food service industry due to COVID-19

I was working as a server in a restaurant when the COVID pandemic hit, and I was terminated overnight. We got a company-wide email that stated that everyone was terminated, effective immediately, and that everyone who had health care through the company would have their health care benefits terminated as of March 31st.  

In one day, hundreds of people across the country who worked for different locations of the restaurant chain lost their health insurance in the middle of a global pandemic. Additionally, my boyfriend’s mom had health insurance through her job. She was a manager at a different restaurant. She was furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lost her health care in the same immediate fashion. As a result, my boyfriend, who was still on her health care plan, was immediately without insurance as well.   

My boyfriend didn’t know how to go about getting his own health coverage after losing his so quickly. We went through various hoops, attempting to research the vastly different plans available, learning the difference between HMO’s and PPOs, and eventually enlisting the help of a professional health insurance agent to help.   

We wish there would’ve been a free, easy, and user-friendly way to view and compare health care plans. Now there is – with GetCovered aims to make health coverage education accessible, free, and easy. I wish this service was around when I was looking for health coverage options, and I’m so glad it is now available for others who are in the same situation. Thank you for helping EVERYONE find affordable and accessible health coverage options.  

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