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Kacey Cassady

From Flight Attendant to Furloughed. How I Am Finding the Right Insurance for Right Now.

I had been a flight attendant for about two and a half years before the Covid-19 pandemic. When the pandemic first arrived in the US, I never expected it to have such a devastating effect on the airline industry. I work for a major airline with many international flights, so when travel from China was banned, I knew there was going to be a shift in our airline and a lot of flight attendants’ schedules were going to change dramatically. As the virus continued to spread, airline workers became more concerned for the future of our industry. As bizarre of a situation the pandemic created for us in the hospitality industry, most of us saw a light at the end of the tunnel in the beginning as we kept hearing “two weeks to slow the spread.” Two weeks of quarantine turned into months of shutdowns and canceled travel plans for people all over the world. More travel bans were initiated from countries in Europe and elsewhere, and my airline began flying a fraction of the number of flights it was flying before the pandemic. As a crew member, many of the flights I worked saw a dozen or fewer passengers during the spring months.

In March, the Cares Act was passed in the U.S., which provided money to airlines to keep many airline workers’ jobs. The idea was that regular travel would resume in the summer, and airlines would make up the revenue that was lost during the shutdown. Unfortunately, even though many people did start flying again, it was not enough for my company to keep all of its workers. The Cares Act money ran out October 1, and thousands of airline employees, including myself, were furloughed.

I started my career as a flight attendant when I was 22 years old, and I never would have expected I would be looking elsewhere for insurance just a few years later. I looked at and found many health coverage options, including several affordable plans that would work for me. The website was incredibly easy to navigate and answering just a few quick questions allowed me to view and compare hundreds of health care coverage options. Finding health care coverage was something many of my furloughed flight attendant coworkers stressed about before our furloughs began, and I’m happy to know now that it’s actually really simple to find a health care coverage option that’s right for me.

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