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Harry Campbell

Navigating healthcare when you're running your own business and thinking about having a family

A lot of Uber and Lyft drivers and couriers get into the gig economy because they’re looking for a quick way to earn some cash. But what they may not realize is that they’re now independent contractors and they’re actually running their own busines. For many, this means that you get to make your own schedule and work flexible hours but it also means you have more responsibility.

Back in 2015, I was working full time as an engineer and driving for Uber and Lyft on the side. I had started blogging about my experience on The Rideshare Guy and traffic was picking up. For about 6 months, I hemmed and hawed over leaving my full time job to pursue my blog full time because the one thing that was holding me back was the thought of losing my employer sponsored healthcare.

At the time, my wife and I were engaged to be married and talking about starting a family so it didn’t seem like ideal timing to strike out on my own. Ultimately, I ended up taking the plunge but there weren’t a lot of people or resources that were there to help me.

Fortunately, though, these days there are many more resources and companies looking to help folks who are ready to start their own business, have been recently laid off or furloughed or just haven’t had the time to get health insurance. is a great example of a company that is helping those like myself since the site aggregates available health care plans, offers an actual telephone number for assistance, and provides assistance for answering questions about health care plans, common terminology and more. Big companies have dozens of folks in human resources who are experts at understanding health plans and options but you only have yourself.

So it’s nice to partner with a resource like that understands gig workers and understands that since we’re always hustling, we don’t have a lot of extra time to become health coverage experts. I looked over the site and discovered their whole goal is to make choosing health coverage easy!

Gig Workers Need Health Insurance

I’ve never been in the business of telling people what to do, but your health is something that you only get one chance at. These days, drivers and couriers are on the road, putting hundreds of miles on their cars each week, and we’re more vulnerable to getting into accidents with all those amateur drivers on the road.

How many times has your heart skipped a beat from avoiding someone swerving into your lane? How many times have you been in front of a light, watching it turn from red to green, and pausing just a beat because you know someone is going to run that red light? And let’s not even talk about the road rage drivers!

The pandemic has only reinforced how important it is to have health insurance and if you’re someone who was laid off, furloughed or just finally ready to handle this part of your business, is a great resource to help you on your way.

Bio: Harry Campbell started driving for Uber and Lyft in 2014, before quitting his day job as an engineer to focus on his blog, The Rideshare Guy, full time. Over the years, Harry has become a trusted media expert and talked to tens of thousands of drivers and gig workers about their experience on the road.

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