Real Stories

Learn from people who have been through it.

From a flight attendant to an entrepreneur to a recently unemployed dad and more, see what real people have done to make sure they get covered.

The Struggle to Keep Loved Ones Insured

For Jon, finding health insurance was hard with no job and little guidance. He felt adrift while fighting the frustrating battle to keep his family insured.

From Flight Attendant to Furloughed.

Kacey was furloughed from her job as a flight attendant. She is now self-employed, leading her to find health insurance on her own.

Finding Care While Starting a Business and a Family

Harry wanted to start his own company, but he had a child on the way. Finding healthcare made the decision to leave his job that much more difficult.

Losing Her Job and Healthcare Overnight Due to COVID-19

Sierra worked in the food service industry, hit especially hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. Find out what she did to make ends meet and move forward.

Finding Insurance as an Entrepreneur

Joey knew he wanted to leave his current job. He dreamed of starting his own venture, but that meant starting anew with health coverage too.

Finding a Plan to Fit a New Reality

Marines and her husband lost their business due to COVID-19. The two needed to find affordable health insurance that fit their new lifestyle.

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